Chemistry - programme subject in Programmes for Specialization in General Studies (KJE1-01)


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Everything in nature and everything that lives consists of matter, or substance. Chemists research, determine and describe how substances are built up at a micro level, and on this basis explain their properties and how substances react. The development of the science of chemistry is the result of an interaction between experiment and theory. This interaction is reflected in the programme subject Chemistry, in which the planning and implementation of experiments play a key role.

Chemists make an important contribution to the development of biotechnology, nanotechnology, medicine, pharmacy, environmental science, new materials and new energy sources. Through the programme subject, the individual shall acquire an insight into the significance of chemical research on technology and economic development. The programme subject shall help pupils understand how substances affect the environment, and how the development of new industrial methods can reduce strain on the environment. In this way, the programme subject can help focus on the environment and sustainable development. At the same time, the programme subject shall make it clear that chemical research is subject to ethical criteria.

The purpose of the programme subject is to create interest in chemistry and natural science, and at the same time provide the knowledge necessary for participating in current debate. In this programme subject, the individual shall develop confidence in natural science concepts and scientific working methods, and learn how to assess one’s own work and results. One of the purposes of the programme subject is to provide insight into the significance of chemistry and its various applications in everyday life and society. The historical development of the subject is part of our cultural heritage, and this should come across in the teaching.

Training in chemistry shall link theory with practical laboratory work. Teaching arenas outside the school, in laboratories and companies, can provide an insight into how chemistry is put to practical use in society. Knowledge and competence in chemistry are important in many professions and can provide a good basis for further studies.

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