History - common core subject in programmes for general studies (HIS1-02)


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Competence aims after Vg2 in programmes for general studies

Understanding of history and methods

The aims of the training are to enable the apprentice to
  • find and assess historical material as sources and use this in historical presentations
  • present a person from history and discuss how contemporary social frameworks influenced the actions of this person
  • use digital tools to collect information from various media sources and assess the information with an eye to being critical of sources in own presentations
  • identify different historical explanations and discuss how such explanations can characterise historical presentations
  • explain why historians and others divide time into periods and discuss the criteria used for this

Society and people in a historical perspective

The aims of the training are to enable the apprentice to
  • explain how natural resources and technological developments have helped shape early society
  • compare two or more societies from antiquity and discuss the importance of antiquity in modern politics, architecture or other art forms
  • elaborate on a selection of key economic, social, political and cultural characteristics of developments in the middle ages
  • present a topic from the middle ages by showing continuity or major shifts in one or more areas
  • elaborate on social conditions and development of the state in Norway from around 700 to around 1500 and discuss possible influences from other cultures, societies and states
  • elaborate on important features of Sami history and discuss Sami relations with states having Sami settlements up to around 1800
  • explain the driving forces behind European expansion overseas and discuss cultural encounters seen from different perspectives
  • elaborate on the development of trade, commerce and industry in Norway from around 1500 to around 1800 and analyse the impact on social conditions during this period
  • elaborate on the development of and changes in forms of government in Europe from the end of the middle ages up to the end of the 1700s
  • elaborate on why population groups emigrate, and discuss and elaborate on the consequences of their encounters with other cultures

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