History - common core subject in programmes for general studies (HIS1-02)


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The history subject shall contribute to increasing understanding of relations between the past, present and future, and provide insight into the thoughts, lives and actions of people during different time epochs and cultures. Awareness of history provides the basis for reflection on one's own value choices.

The subject shall provide insight into the diversity of living conditions of people in the past and increase the understanding that all communities represent values and attitudes that are the result of historical processes. It shall promote tolerance, mutual respect and understanding of human rights. The history subject shall provide insight into the importance of democracy in our society, and contribute to raising awareness of global challenges. The subject shall stimulate involvement and active participation in society by developing skills in critical, analytical and creative thinking.

The history subject can have great impact on how pupils understand and perceive themselves and society, and on how each person creates his or her own identity and belongingness with others. The subject shall improve the pupil's knowledge of and insight into important events and lines of development in history. The subject shall promote the ability to process and assess historical material and other information. Historical insight can contribute to better understanding of contemporary affairs, and to understanding that each person is part of a historical process and part of creating history.

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