Technology and theory of research - programme subject in programmes for Specialization in General Studies (TNF1-01)


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Technology and research are part of our cultural background, forming the basis for our standard of living. Professional and theoretical knowledge, combined with the capacity for creative and innovative thinking, is becoming more important in social and business life. Innovation through the use of technology and experimental work takes on greater importance in a time when technology is making ever greater inroads in many areas of working life and private life. All societies need technical and scientific expertise to ensure their future well-being. Research-based knowledge development tends to be broad-based, as technological innovation is ongoing. Technology and theory of research represents two unique fields of knowledge, yet can be seen as closely related fields. This programme subject shall help show how interaction between these fields creates an arena for creativity and innovation.

This programme subject shall serve as a basis for insight into scientific and technological challenges and social problems. It shall attempt to provide a general understanding of the developing technologies and sciences, also showing that ethical challenges do arise. At the same time, this programme subject shall form the basis for evaluating and discussing technological products and their effects on society.

This programme subject shall give the pupil experience with practical application of the natural sciences and mathematics, and create an arena for wonder and curiosity. It shall also give an insight into scientific theory and philosophy seen from a historical perspective, and help increase the awareness of our own place in time and space.

Teaching in this subject shall also provide learning arenas outside of school, in association with research communities and businesses. To ensure good learning in this subject, practical and theoretical approaches to learning shall be used that emphasize construction and experimenting using technological devices. This programme subject forms the basis for future studies and future employment, but also for increased participation in current debates.

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