Programme area for Computer electronics - curriculum for common programmesubject Vg3 (DAT3-02)


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Computer electronics technicians work with systems and equipment that are integrated into a number of areas of society from the entertainment and multimedia industries to telemedicine and satellite-based navigation. Electronic guidance and control systems have been finding increasing use and influence in society for safe and operational uses. Furthermore, proper functioning of computer and electronics systems has become very important for many business sectors and industries. Computer and electronics systems make interaction and communication with other people across geographical and social borders possible, and make work and trade more efficient in the global market. These high-technology systems demand computer electronics technicians who can combine a range of professional operations with objective specialisation in installation, operation and maintenance.

Computer electronics technicians shall develop the ability to work effectively and precisely. Practical training in the profession shall promote innovation, new ideas and solution-oriented thinking. It shall increase awareness of local, national and global environmental challenges related to better use of resources and sustainable development.

Learning in Computer electronics shall emphasise the structure, function and workings of different systems, devices and equipment. Knowledge of attitudes toward current rules and regulations shall be a central element of the subject. Learning in the subject shall emphasise protection of personal information security and ethics. Furthermore, learning in the subject shall promote electrical safety, working environment issues, quality assurance, customer service, interpersonal skills and business economy. Attitudes and skills necessary in order to work as a professional and perform good clean work shall also be central factors in the subject.

Gaining competence in system structures, system installations, system operations and system integration shall form the basis for learning about existing and future systems.

Training completed and passed in the subject will lead to a Trade Certificate. The professional title is Computer Electronics Technician.

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