Programme area for Computer electronics - curriculum for common programmesubject Vg3 (DAT3-01)


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System and infrastructure

System and infrastructure

The aims of the training are to enable the apprentice to
  • give an account of business areas where computer and electronics companies use systems and infrastructures
  • plan, install, start-up operations, do functions tests, troubleshoot and document systems that belong to the business areas of the computer and electronics companies
  • plan, install, configure, start-up operations, troubleshoot and document server and client-based data systems and networks
  • select troubleshooting strategies, select instrument setups, estimate expected measurement values, measure electrical sizes and evaluate results from measurements and tests
  • do risk assessments of finished work, control check results and evaluate the quality of own work
  • use a professional and precise technical language when communicating with clients, suppliers, support personnel, colleagues and representatives from other disciplines and trades
  • perform work in a professional and precise manner in accordance with current regulations, standards, guidelines and technical documentation from manufacturers in order to satisfy requirements for electronic communication, information and data security, electrical safety and personal safety
  • carry out work in accordance with routines for internal and quality control
  • give an account of the organisation and ownership structure of the company, and give an account of which factors may influence profitability in computer and electronics companies
  • give an account of employee rights and obligations for computer and electronics companies based on current rules, regulations and systems of agreements between parties in a working environment
  • give an account of how computer and electronics companies influence society locally, nationally and globally
  • give an account of systems for authorisation and number and frequency administration
  • document own training in System and infrastructure

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