Programme area for automation - Curriculum for common programme subject Vg2 (AUT2-01)


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Learning in Automation shall contribute to developing competence in automated systems for the oil and gas industries, processing and workshop industries, and for the business sector. The programme subjects shall contribute to increased productivity, quality and safety for personnel and the outdoor environment. Product quality and dependability are significant factors. Highly qualified skilled labour in the field of automation is important to ensuring this.

Learning in the subjects shall promote skills like understanding systems and equipment, analytic abilities, restructuring, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Learning in the subjects shall also promote understanding safety factors and the ability to see consequences of choices related to environment, health and safety. The programme subjects shall raise awareness of environmental challenges related to utilisation of resources and sustainable development.

Learning in the subjects shall emphasize insight and awareness of choices related to automation systems and equipment. An understanding of safety and an application of basic rules and regulations shall be central elements of learning in the subjects. Learning in the subjects shall promote independence and cooperation with others within the same field, and with those in other professional fields. Furthermore, service-mindedness and the ability to communicate with users, support personnel and colleagues shall be upheld. Precision, creativity and problem-solving are thought processes involved in carrying out this kind of work, and are central elements in the subjects.

Learning basic planning competence and understanding systems and equipment, as well as developing learning strategies for down-to-earth, holistic, interdisciplinary learning assignments shall form the basis of more in-depth work and specialisation.

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