Mathematics 1P-Y RM (MAT1125)

Examination and assessment

Assessment practiceFor external candidatesFor pupils
The subject code has assessment of courseworkNoYes
Selection scheme for examinationObligatoriskTrekkfag
Examination practice for the subject codeSkriftligSkriftlig
Assessment statementTallTall
Examination practice for the subject for the year in questionSkriftligSkriftlig og/eller muntlig-praktisk


First taughtHøst 2020
First examinationVår 2021
The examination has been preparedSentral
The examination has been gradedSentral


Annual teaching hours84 Teaching hours
Entered on diploma84 Teaching hours

Subject name in different languages

EngelskMathematics 1P-Y RM
NynorskMatematikk 1P-Y RM
BokmålMatematikk 1P-Y RM
NordsamiskMatematihkka 1P-Y RM

(Mangler teksten 'Fagkode' for språk 'eng')

Mathematics 1P-Y RM (MAT1125)

(Mangler teksten 'Denne fagkoden erstatter' for språk 'eng')

Curriculum for the subject