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Information to parents about the Parent Survey for kindergartens.

What is the Parent Survey for kindergartens?

The purpose of the survey is to give parents an opportunity to state how they feel about the kindergarten services and children's wellbeing in kindergarten. The survey will let the kindergartens and their owners know how satisfied parents are with the kindergarten services.

The Parent Survey for kindergartens gives you the opportunity to give your opinion on your child's wellbeing, home-kindergarten cooperation and other matters relating to the kindergarten. The survey will primarily be used to improve kindergartens. The results will form the basis for dialogue between the kindergarten and the parents about the services the kindergarten provides.

The survey is distributed by the kindergarten. Taking part in the survey is voluntary, but we hope that you will take part in order to help the kindergarten to improve. If there are questions you do not want to answer, you can skip them.

The survey comprises around 30 questions, and it will take about five minutes to complete it.

We store your answers safely

The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training is responsible for making sure that all personal data collected are processed according to the requirements of the Personal Data Act (GDPR). Very stringent rules apply to showing the results of the survey to the kindergartens themselves, the kindergarten owner and the state educational authorities. Answer options selected by few respondents are not shown. This is done to reduce the risk of indirectly recognising people who have taken the survey.

The kindergarten cannot see who has given which answers. When the survey is concluded, the link between your answers and your name will be deleted by the data processor. Survey data will not be published in any way that makes it possible to recognise individual parents’ or guardians’ answers.

The results of the survey will also form part of statistics produced by the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training, and can be included in the municipality's/county governor's work on quality development in kindergartens. Some of the results are published as statistical data at and on Udir’s statistics pages. In the event of the disclosure of basic data for research purposes, researchers are required to comply with the directorate’s confidentiality rules and must sign a declaration of secrecy.

Do you have any questions?

Contact your kindergarten for more information. More information is also available at The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training is the data controller: You can also contact the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training's data protection officer at