Infection Control Guidelines for Upper Secondary Schools


Updated fifth edition published March 19th 2021

  • Guidelines for secondary and upper secondary schools are divided into two separate documents
  • General content update in line with new knowledge and infection situation
  • Reorganisation of content
  • New sections: Responsibility and collaboration, Infection control measures for employees, Students with special needs and special schools, Adult education
  • Updated sections: Use of face mask, Gatherings of students from several schools or municipalities
  • Abbreviated section on cleaning and hand hygiene and links to the FHI website
  • Attention to the importance of compliance with measures on the yellow level where possible. A number of additional restrictions and clarifications on the yellow level
  • Stricter guidelines for group sizes and other infection control recommendations on the red level
  • Extra chapter on exams
  • Checklist removed
  • Clarification of recommendations concerning school transportation on the yellow and red levels 2 March 2021
  • Updated sections: About the virus, illness and outbreak and The role of children and young people in the outbreak 2 March 2021

Updated fourth edition published September 28th 2020

  • The role of schools in an outbreak and infection tracking
  • Clarification of recommendations for employees
  • Recommendations on protecting vulnerable students
  • Recommendations on gatherings from different schools
  • Clarification of certain recommendations, including information on face masks and ventilation
  • Detailed information removed on symptoms, the virus and illness, when students can attend school, flowchart for dealing with sick individuals at school, risk groups. Reference to the FHI website for updated information
  • Abbreviated information on young people with chronic diseases and conditions. Reference to the Norwegian Society of Paediatricians website

Updated third edition published May 29th 2020

  • Introduction of traffic light model for adapting social distancing measures
  • Improved recommendations for gentle hand washing
  • Chapter removed on infection control recommendations in conjunction with holding oral, oral/practical and practical exams

Updated second edition published May 7th 2020

  • Clarification of a number of social distancing measures for lower and upper secondary schools
  • Clarification of several recommendations

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