Infection Control Guidelines for Upper Secondary Schools

Infection control measures for oral exams in upper secondary schools

The normal infection control recommendations apply during examination administration: sick students may not come to school and good hygiene and physical distancing must be observed.

Students who become ill during the exam have the right to postpone the exam .

Students should not gather in groups before or after the exam. They must maintain a distance of at least one metre from other students, the examiner and the censor. Materials and furnishings that are touched by students must be cleaned between students. This also applies to subjects with an industry standard during examination. Schools must avoid exams as much as possible that require close interaction between two or more candidates, making it difficult to maintain a distance of at least one metre.

Consider whether it is feasible and justifiable to have an external censor participate remotely (digitally) in the exam.

When conducting an exam for a vocational subject, the infection control recommendations for vocational subjects described above apply.

Separate guidelines for external candidate exams apply.

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