Infection Control Guidelines for Upper Secondary Schools

Gatherings of studens from different schools or municipalities – subject assemblies, training assemblies and other school outings

One-day gatherings

During student gatherings/vocational training that bring together students from different schools, the following measures are recommended in addition to the ones described above:

  • Students should maintain the recommended distance (at least one metre).
  • Students must be grouped together with other students from the same school.
  • An attendance register must be kept.
  • Students should be split into smaller groups if there are large numbers of students or it is difficult to maintain a distance.
  • On the red level, student assemblies and gatherings should take place online.

Multi-day gatherings

Travel can represent an infection risk, especially when students from different parts of the country gather together. If the school is on the red level, school trips may not take place outside the municipality.

The infection control recommendations that apply at the school also apply during the outing.

On the yellow level, individual schools should assess whether it is responsible to travel in light of the infection situation in both the municipality where the school is located and the municipality in which the outing will take place. The municipal health services in the school’s municipality can provide advice on the infection situation and help assess whether travel is responsible. Before the outing, the school should also contact the local health authorities in the municipality where the school trip will be held.

When travelling with a group of students, contact should be limited to those outside the group, both during the trip and for several days after returning home. The recommendations in these guidelines for students who live in boarding schools can be followed where appropriate.

If student assemblies and other gatherings with students from different schools and/or regions are organised, arrangements must be made to ensure that social distancing is possible, both during and outside of teaching situations. The participants should be organised in smaller groups to limit the number of contacts. The groups should have the same participants during the entire gathering as much as possible and mixing of the groups should be limited.
On the red level, it is recommended that student assemblies and gatherings take place online.

A plan must be prepared for dealing with students who become ill or must quarantine. This involves having facilities available for isolation/quarantine and procedures in place for the student(s) to return home. Good procedures for information provision are necessary, both prior to gatherings and if illness occurs or infection is established.

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