Infection Control Guidelines for Upper Secondary Schools

Adult education

Those who are enrolled in adult education by virtue of the Education Act or Introduction Act/Integration Act should primarily follow the recommendations and provisions of these guidelines. Adult education programmes are usually subject to the same level of measures as the closest upper secondary school.

All sections of these guidelines, with the exception of sections 2.2.2 Home-school cooperation and 2.5 Follow-up of vulnerable young people also apply to adult education. In practice, this means that the school owner, students/participants and staff must follow the same education-related recommendations for adults as for upper secondary schools.

The same infection prevention measures also apply to adult education, but differ slightly from the recommendations for upper secondary schools in terms of social distancing measures. Since the adult education programmes are attended by participants from a larger geographic area, in addition to the other recommendations, social distancing must be facilitated in all situations. If local adaptations are needed and other issues arise, we recommend consulting the local infection control authorities.

The following apply to adult education:

  • Everyone must maintain a distance of at least one metre in all situations, also on the yellow level.
  • Participants who belong to a group with a higher risk of contracting a severe case of Covid-19 should be assessed individually to determine whether adapted instruction is appropriate. The participants to which this applies require a medical certificate. See the recommendations and information for risk groups (FHI).
  • Participants should have assigned seats in the classroom. A classroom map is recommended to provide an overview of who seats where if contact tracing becomes necessary.

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