Curriculum for Security services Vg3 / in-service training at a training establishment (SIK3-01)

Basic skills

Basic skills are integrated into the competence aims for this course in areas where they contribute to the development of and are a part of the basic subject competence. In Security services, basic skills are understood as follows:

Being able to express oneself orally in Security services involves communicating and interacting with people.

Being able to express oneself in writing in Security services involves preparing reports, bids, contracts, analyses, plans and instructions for companies.

Being able to read in Security services involves understanding information from reports, analyses, plans and instructions.

Numeracy in Security services involves calculating prices, key figures for security services, analysis of numerical quantities and evaluating profitability in job bids on security services and products.

Digital literacy in Security services involves gathering, registering, storing and exchanging information.

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