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As human beings we are part of a historical process; a long series of historic incidents and events have influenced the development of society. In Social science pupils shall learn about cultural diversity around the world, past and present, and learn to reflect over the traditional and the modern. In this way the subject shall promote knowledge, help in identity formation and lead to a sense of security in the pupils’ own society and own culture.

Through action and reflective thought, the community of individuals can mould itself and its individuals and influence and be influenced by their surroundings. As a moral individual a person is responsible for the consequences of his or her actions, which also includes the consequences of actions initiated by others. The subject of Social science allows pupils to develop an understanding of how they can influence the local community, the global community and their own situation in life.

Knowledge about society and politics is valuable in itself while at the same time being a prerequisite for participation in democratic processes. Knowledge about the political system in Norway and in international society allows pupils to learn how politics is characterised by cooperation, conflict, influence and the use of power in different forms. The subject of Social science provides pupils with the tools to analyse, discuss and elaborate on questions about historical and contemporary societies and to identify and discuss the balance of power.

To achieve sustainable development it is necessary to understand the relationship between nature, human situations and man-made surroundings. Work in the subject of Social science shall raise knowledge about the relationship between production and consumption and the consequences of using resources and living one's life – and how that affects the environment, climate and sustainable development. Working in the subject will make it easier for pupils to understand the value of and challenges to technology and entrepreneurship, and they will develop knowledge about working life and global and national economics and personal economy.

Social science is divided into various main subject areas, which united amount to a comprehensive whole. The subject shall promote the ability to reason and solve problems in society through discussion and by stimulating the desire and ability to seek knowledge about society and cultures. Knowledge about the society around us will inspire curiosity and wonder in pupils and stimulate reflection and creative work. In this way the individual can better learn to understand himself and others, develop competence and influence the world we live in, and be motivated to acquire insight and strive for lifelong learning.

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