Curriculum for Reception desk services Vg3 / in-service training at a training establishment (RES3-01)

Main subject areas

Role of host

The main subject area covers handling guests at the reception desk and providing services for the hotel. Furthermore, the subject deals with communication and behaviour adapted to different situations. Role of host deals with providing products and services that include local and regional tourist attractions, businesses and transportation. Rules and routines for safety during a guest's stay are also a part of the main subject area.


The main subject area covers communication and interaction at the reception desk with customers, guests and co-workers. It also covers sales, aftersales and re-sale. Furthermore, it includes formulating sales letters, preparing communication documents, handling complaints and providing services. The main subject area focuses on cooperation with external sales channels for the company. The use of digital reservation and customer management systems at the company belong to the main subject area.


The main subject area covers daily tasks at the reception desk. These include business operating systems, safety routines, internal control routines and the use of digital tools. The main subject area also covers gathering and analysing key figures for the company.

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