Curriculum for Production Electronics VG3 / in-service training at a training establishment (PRO3-01)


Individuals and society are becoming more dependent on computer and electronic systems and devices. This applies to everything from consumer electronics to industrial and international communication, navigation and surveillance systems. Serious consequences can arise if these systems stop working. That is why it is important to have such systems installed and maintained by qualified professionals.

Learning in Production electronics is meant to promote the pupil's understanding of systems and devices and to inspire a comprehensive approach to thinking, combined with a good mind for details and the ability to evaluate problems. Furthermore, learning in the subject shall contribute to personal development, creativity and the ability to reorganize, and inspire innovation. Learning in the subject shall also promote an understanding of safety, an understanding of the need for personal data protection and the ability to see the consequences of choices one makes that are related to Environment, Health and Safety. Awareness of local, national and global ecological interrelationships related to electromechanical and electronic systems can help ensure a more environmentally friendly use of resources and promote sustainable development.

Learning in the subject shall emphasise mastery, reflection, insight and conscious choices related to electromechanical and electronic systems and devices. This part of the learning process will advance quality of production processes. An understanding of safety and applying existing rules for the profession shall be central elements in learning. Business studies and training in using the company's internal control routines and procedures will promote independence and cooperation with others in one's same field and with other professionals in other trades. Furthermore, this part of the learning will emphasise customer relations, service attitudes and the ability to communicate with users, support personnel and colleagues. Precision, creativity and problem solving are thought processes involved in performing work and are central elements in the subject.

The apprentice shall learn planning skills, gain an understanding of systems and devices and learn technical skills through comprehensive learning tasks that shall form the basis for taking the Trade Examination and function as building blocks for lifelong learning.

Successful completion of one's training leads to a Trade Certificate. The professional title is Production electronics technician.

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