Industrial Technology - Curriculum for common programme subject in Vg2 (PIN2-02)


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The aims of the training are to enable the apprentice to
  • work in line with EHS requirements set by the school and routines for keeping the workplace tidy and in order
  • make plans for assignments and material requirements in accordance with work specifications
  • prepare, set up, operate and monitor production machines and equipment
  • choose materials for working up based on working drawings and specifications
  • program and edit CNC programs for machines and equipment
  • cut, saw, press, bend and shape materials in accordance with working drawings
  • turn, mill and grind materials according to working drawings and instructions
  • elaborate on different methods and processes for casting and shaping materials
  • select a cutting tool and calibrate cutting data for manual and automatic machines according to drawings and instructions
  • treat the surfaces of materials and elaborate on different methods and techniques
  • choose and use methods for joining together materials according to instructions and work specifications
  • elaborate on areas of use for and treatment of gases and chemicals relevant to the subject area
  • assemble and modify simple constructions according to specifications
  • elaborate on areas of use for and properties of steel, alloys, composites, paper and new types of material
  • simulate and test materials and material properties
  • carry out heat-treatment processes on components and materials in accordance with the assignment
  • elaborate on electropotential series and the consequences of joining together different materials with respect to corrosion
  • strop and hook lifts and give signals to the crane driver in accordance with relevant regulations

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