Industrial Technology - Curriculum for common programme subject in Vg2 (PIN2-02)


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The programme area Industrial Technology shall lay the foundation for vocational practice in the mechanical, engineering, process and printing industries. This type of industry is characterized by continuous technological development with an increasing degree of automation and computerisation of work processes. The programme area shall help develop qualified personnel capable of adjusting to change. The subject shall promote a general understanding of production processes, environment, health and safety, and provide the basis for interdisciplinary thinking.

Teaching shall help give the pupil competence in industrial production and assembly, as well as the operation and maintenance of machines and technical equipment. Teaching shall also raise the pupil’s understanding of the connection between mechanical design, regulation and control. The development of technical insight, practical skills, a sense of precision and order, and respect for safety are all central themes.

The studies shall pave the way for reflection, experience and command of skills through work assignments. The teaching shall prepare the pupil for work in branches and companies in which there is a constant need for developing technical skills. The studies shall provide the basis for working independently and with others and developing communication skills.

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