Industrial Technology - Curriculum for common programme subject in Vg2 (PIN2-01)


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Description of the programme subjects


The programme subject Production covers fabrication, joining materials, engineering work, industrial assembly, surface finishing and foundry work. The programme subject also deals with working with different materials, material properties, constructions and use of lifting gear. The programme subject covers work planning and the setting up, programming and operating of machines and equipment. Guidelines for EHS are a key aspect of the subject.

Repairs and maintenance

The programme subject deals with fault-finding, repairs, testing, assembly and preventive maintenance of machines and equipment. The programme subject involves working with hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical systems and ancillary control mechanisms. The programme subject also includes measuring techniques and measuring instruments.

Documentation and quality

The programme subject covers the use of working drawings, schedules and digital tools. EHS assessments and quality assurance are key aspects in the programme subject and included in the planning, execution and documentation of assignments

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