Industrial Technology - Curriculum for common programme subject in Vg2 (PIN2-01)


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Basic skills

Basic skills are integrated into the competence aims for this course in areas where they contribute to the development of and are part of the subject competence. In Industrial Technology, basic skills are understood as follows:

Being able to express oneself orally in Industrial Technology involves participating in discussions concerning safety, choice of technical solutions and planning and implementing the work.

Being able to express oneself in writing in Industrial Technology involves producing plans, reports, measurement results and non-conformance reports.

Being able to read in Industrial Technology involves following manuals, instructions, relevant regulations, standards and EHS procedures. It also means being able to use drawings, work specifications, equipment manuals and product data sheets.

Numeracy in Industrial Technology means carrying out calculations related to programming, setting and calibrating machinery.

Digital literacy in Industrial Technology involves working with drawings and reports. It also means being able to program and troubleshoot different types of control and regulating systems.

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