Norwegian subject curriculum (NOR1-04)


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Competence aims after Year 10

Oral texts

The aims of the training are to enable the apprentice to
  • express personal opinions in discussions and assess what is unbiased argumentation
  • discuss and elaborate on how language can have discriminatory and injurious effects
  • participate in exploratory conversations on literature, drama and film
  • understand and reproduce information from Swedish and Danish everyday language
  • lead meetings and discussions, and take minutes from these
  • assess one's own and other people’s oral presentations
  • give simple lectures, presentations and readings with interpretations, and participate in role play and dramatisation, adapted to different recipients

Written texts

The aims of the training are to enable the apprentice to
  • read and write texts from different genres within fiction and non-fiction in the first-choice and second-choice Norwegian languages: articles, input in discussions, formal letters, short stories, narratives, poetry, drama and causerie
  • use varied and flexible reading strategies when reading fiction and non-fiction
  • learn to find one's way through large amounts of text to find relevant information
  • read critically and evaluate the credibility of texts
  • recognise the different manners of argumentation in texts
  • give grounds for personal choices of literature and reading material based on knowledge of reading strategies
  • read and reproduce the content of a selection of texts in Swedish and Danish
  • present personal response and perceptions in writing based on interpretation and reflection
  • recognise literary techniques such as humour, irony, contrasts and comparisons, symbols and metaphors and use these in one's own texts
  • express oneself precisely and with a varied vocabulary with nuances in various texts in the first-choice and second-choice Norwegian languages
  • show how texts in various genres can be constructed in various ways
  • assess one's own texts and personal writing development using knowledge of language and texts
  • use word processing tools for archiving one's own work and systematising it
  • use texts taken from libraries, the internet and mass media in a critical manner, discuss and elaborate on the texts and acknowledge the sources used

Composite texts

The aims of the training are to enable the apprentice to
  • interpret and evaluate different forms of composite texts
  • use various media, sources and aesthetic expressions in personal texts relating to the Norwegian subject curriculum and interdisciplinary texts
  • assess aesthetic techniques in composite texts taken from information and entertainment media, advertising and art and reflect upon how we are influenced by sounds, language and images
  • elaborate on the fundamental principles of protecting personal privacy and copyright in connection with the publication and use of texts of others

Language and culture

The aims of the training are to enable the apprentice to
  • present important themes and manners of expression from central contemporary texts and compare these with classic works from Norwegian literature: love and gender roles, hero and antihero, reality and fantasy, power and counter-power, falsehood and truth, departure and responsibility
  • elaborate on how social conditions, values and ways of thinking are presented in texts translated from Sami and other languages
  • present the result from an in-depth study in three chosen subjects: one literary work, one literary theme and one linguistic theme
  • elaborate on some characteristics of main groups of Norwegian dialects
  • explain the background for the two Norwegian written languages with equal status and elaborate on language debates and linguistic variation in Norway today
  • explain the rights relating to the Sami language and on the extent to which the Sami languages are used in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia
  • explain how meaning and expression are rendered and changed when simple stories, cartoons and pop lyrics are translated into Norwegian

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