Curriculum for Media Graphics VG3 / in-service training at a training establishment (MGR3-01)

Main subject areas

Media design

The main subject area covers idea generation, composition and design of different media products that fall within the training establishment's services and products. The main subject area helps develop aesthetic faculties, creative thinking and problem solving skills. It also deals with using typography to get a good message across and skills in how elements like text, forms, colours, sounds and images are suited to different media products. Quality assurance and optimal reproduction of original material is also included in the main subject area. It also covers adapting to clients and target groups with a thought to the various areas of application of the media and demands for quality.

Media production

The main subject area covers how media design shall be used and prepared to be functional media products for different forms of presentation for the training establishment's services and products. The main subject area covers quality assurance for optimal reproduction and functionality of media design for the different media products. In the main subject area, creating good work routines and learning skills in the use of tools, technology and equipment are also included.

Company, customer and market

The main subject area covers the business culture, organisation, business concept, marketing arenas, client groups, products, and services of the company where the apprentice shall fulfil his or her in-service training. The main subject area also covers quality assurance of own work. Current regulations concerning environment, health and safety are also included.

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