Curriculum for Media Graphics VG3 / in-service training at a training establishment (MGR3-01)

Basic skills

Basic skills are integrated into the competence aims for this course in areas where they contribute to the development of and are a part of the basic subject competence. In Media graphics, basic skills are understood as follows:

Being able to express oneself orally in Media graphics involves being able to describe ethical and aesthetic problems and express aesthetic and other experiences related to media products. It also deals with being able to comment and evaluate one's own and others' media products using professional terminology.

Being able to express oneself in writing in Media graphics involves presenting ideas and work processes, writing about and editing written texts, creating titles and image captions, and doing proofing and correction and filling in reports. It also involves varied and precise writing and quality control of own work.

Being able to read in Media graphics involves reading, interpreting and understanding written texts, images and other visual means of expressions with various levels of complexity and difficulty from many genres in different media. It involves comparing and systemising information, and analysing and evaluating information with a critical eye.

Numeracy in Media graphics involves understanding a production budget and being able to do calculations for formats, printing areas, templates, impositions, image resolution, file sizes and sound flies.

Being able to use digital tools in Media graphics involves being able to present texts, forms, colours, sounds, images and multimedia products using digital tools, and being able to use these tools to publish media products. It also deals with being able to use such tools to search for and exchange information.

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