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Basic skills

Basic skills are integrated into the competence aims for this course in areas where they contribute to the development of and are a part of the basic subject competence. In the Marketing and management programme subject, basic skills are understood as follows:

Being able to express oneself orally in Marketing and management involves being able to present and substantiate professional themes and one's own work to small groups and large assemblies. This means being able to reflect on, discuss and argue in relation to relevant themes and problems in the subject area, and to be able to communicate with external collaborators.

Being able to express oneself in writing in Marketing and management involves describing, explaining and reflecting on subject area themes. It involves being able to discuss, elaborate and substantiate choices, solutions and suggestions. It also involves formulating written summaries and reports associated with subject-specific themes and tasks.

Being able to read in Marketing and management involves exploring, interpreting and applying sources that is concerned with themes in these subject areas, and gaining insight into problems on the basis of situation descriptions. It also means staying updated on professional developments by means of newspapers, the, Internet, professional journals and other relevant sources.

Numeracy in Marketing and management involves preparing statistics and diagrams to show results from surveys and studies in the subject. It also means carrying out simple economic calculations associated with the use of different tools and aids in marketing and managerial work. Interpreting, comparing and applying data and statistics are relevant to working with professional subjects.

Being able to use digital tools in Marketing and management involves being able to use word processing programs, spreadsheet, statistics and presentation tools to show results from market surveys, studies and work. Using digital tools means gathering relevant information from websites, being critical to source information, sorting and analyzing data. It also involves preparing marketing data and documents with the help of digital tools.

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