Mathematics for the natural sciences - programme subject in programmes for Specialization in General Studies (MAT3-01)


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Mathematics is a subject that plays a key role in our modern civilization, as a tool to understand and function in society and as bearer of a tradition with roots in many of the world’s ancient cultures. Mathematics is used to investigate the universe, systematize experience and describe and understand natural and social relations. The pleasure obtained from working with the subject has in itself been a source of inspiration for mankind’s development of mathematics.

One of the main purposes of the programme subject is to acquire the mathematical competence needed to maintain and develop a hi-tech society. The programme subject’s unique characteristics shall contribute to understanding the significance of mathematics in our culture and to the development of analytical and investigative skills as well as the art of reasoning. The programme subject, therefore, has a practical as well as a cultural perspective in its purpose.

The programme subject mathematics for the natural sciences gives specialization in mathematics for further education and work within natural science, medicine, technology, computer studies, economics and education. Through exercising computational skills, with and without digital aids, a basic and necessary competence for advanced mathematics is developed.

Work in the programme subject shall give an introduction to logical and analytical thinking with emphasis on mathematical reasoning and presentation, while at the same time giving the pupils training in key methods through application.

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