Mathematics X - programme subject in programmes for Specialization in General Studies (MAT2-01)


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Main subject areas

Numbers theory

The main subject area deals with prime numbers, divisibility and congruence. It involves analysis of the basic characteristics of whole numbers, with particular emphasis on modern applications in encryption and error recovery codes.

Complex numbers

The main subject area deals with complex numbers, which extends the numerical concept from real numbers. This extension simplifies a number of calculations and is used in geometry and in the modelling of variations. Different representations of complex numbers, arithmetical operations, trigonometrical formulae and complex numbers as solutions to equations are central topics in the main subject area.

Probability and statistics

The main subject area deals with the use of probability theory to describe and analyze random variations and systematic trends in a number of practical situations. Fundamental concepts in this main subject area are stochastic variables, expectation, variance and standard deviation, normal distribution and the central limit theorem.

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