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Curriculum for physical education (KRO1-03)

Competence aims after Year Level 10

Sports activities

  • train and use different skills in selected individual sports, team sports and alternative physical activities
  • swim the breaststroke/crawl and backstroke and dive
  • practice fair play by using own skills and knowledge in cooperation with others
  • perform dances from youth cultures and other cultures, and work with other pupils to compose basic dances
  • explain and perform rescue activities in water
  • explain and perform life-saving first aid

Outdoor life

  • orient themselves using maps and a compass in varied terrain and elaborate on other ways of getting their bearings
  • practise various forms of outdoor life in different natural environments and explain access rights in Norway
  • plan and carry out trips in different seasons, including staying the night outdoors

Exercise and lifestyle

  • use play and different kinds of training to develop one's own body and health
  • practice and explain the basic principles of exercise and training
  • elaborate on the relationship between different physical activities, lifestyles and health
  • explain how different ideal body types and different physical activity cultures influence training, nutrition, lifestyle and health
  • prevent and perform first-aid for sports injuries

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