Curriculum for Equestrian VG3 / in-service training at a training establishment (HST3-01)

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Main subject areas

Horse stable operations and business studies

The main subject area covers working processes and professional work in horse stable operations. This includes daily operations based on the needs of the horses and based on the requirements set for financial management and quality assurance. Furthermore, the subject covers work techniques and the selection and use of equipment and tools, in addition to basic supervision and maintenance of these. The main subject area also covers the relationship between the work itself, the working environment and economy. Rules, regulations and norms for working life, safety, environmental measures and quality of processes and products belong to the main subject area.

Activities with horses

The main subject area covers working processes and daily work with horses central to this occupation. Included in this subject are caring for and handling horses, buggy driving, horseriding, and other equestrian activities that form this occupation.

Horses and horse management

The main subject area covers horse anatomy, physiology, behaviour and needs. Theory of horse training, preventive health work and learning about animal disease, feeding and breeding all belong to this subject. The main subject area also covers professional handling, animal welfare and issues related to ethical work.

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