Geography - common core subject in programmes for general studies (GEO1-01)

Basic skills

Basic skills are integrated in the competence aims where they contribute to development of the competence in the subject, while also being part of this competence. In the geography subject basic skills are understood as follows:

Being able to express oneself orally and in writing in geography means describing places and explaining relations and causes, and discussing and analysing geographical topics. The ability to express oneself orally and in writing means being able to reflect on the meaning of the content in various types of information and sources and give grounds for one's views. This means presenting the results of one's own work clearly and understandably to others.

Being able to read in geography means exploring and using texts and other sources and reflecting upon them. Reading helps pupils to experience and understand phenomena, places and people. This includes critically and analytically reading and interpreting maps, images, tables and figures, and reference works.

Being able to do mathematics in geography means processing and comparing figures on geographical topics and interpreting tables and graphic presentations. Being able to do arithmetic is a requirement for preparing tables and graphs and calculating distances and scales on maps.

Being able to use digital tools in geography means exploring websites, collecting relevant information and using network-based communication on geographical topics, exercising critical use of sources and netiquette and learning about personal privacy protection and copyrights. It can also involve using geographical information systems and using digital tools to present one's own work.

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