Geography - common core subject in programmes for general studies (GEO1-01)


The main objective of the geography subject is to develop awareness of the relation between nature and the man-made environment. The teaching in this subject shall stimulate the ability to see relations between production and consumption and discuss the consequences of area and resource use for the environment and sustainable development.

Geography shall provide the basis for understanding population development and the distribution of resources, explaining similarities and differences and discussing change processes. The subject shall also give insight into how natural resources, weather and climate have provided the basis for the settlement and development of communities. Geography shall also create understanding of why resources are important for global production, division of labour and settlement. Population development and global economic processes influence economic development and the global distribution of goods. The geography subject shall provide an overview and explain the localisation of cities and the scope of natural and man-made conditions on earth.

The geography subject shall contribute to understanding and mastering the great amount of information in our time. More knowledge motivates and stimulates the ability to analyse critically and understand comprehensively. This can give the pupils a good basis for participating in the development of society in a constructive way. An important objective of the geography subject is also to develop the pupils' ability to be tolerant and understand their global co-responsibilities.

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