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Basic skills

Basic skills are integrated in the competence aims where they contribute to the development of and are an integral part of the subject competence. In the English programme subject, basic skills are understood as follows:

Being able to express oneself orally and in writing in English involves the use of language in a nuanced, precise manner with a view to developing one’s English language skills. These skills are an important tool in the quest to understand and use English in ever more varied and demanding contexts that span special fields and cultures. It involves broad textual skills, which in turn involves communicating by means of dissimilar written and oral genres and stylistic registers. Oral skills involve the ability to understand spoken texts of varying length and complexity. Furthermore, it involves understanding different varieties of English, and being able to converse in English in language that is appropriate to the situation.

Being able to read in English involves understanding, exploring and pondering demanding texts, thereby gaining insight across cultures and special fields. This is an integral part of practical language skills. It also involves the ability to choose a reading strategy suited to the intended purpose.

Numeracy in English involves supplementing one’s arithmetical skills in one’s native language with the necessary expressions in English. The ability to utilize information from graphs, tables and statistics is important in the understanding of English texts and for being able to communicate about specialist subjects.

Being able to use digital tools in English involves the authentic use of English, and paves the way for additional forms of communication and learning arenas. In many contexts, English-language skills are a prerequisite for being able to exploit new tools for extracting information for use in specialist contexts. Source criticism, copyright and personal protection are all key concerns in the digital arena.

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