Læreplan i engelsk (ENG1-01)


Denne læreplanen har utgått.

Etter 10. årstrinn


The aims of the training are to enable the apprentice to
  • use various situations, work methods and strategies to learn English
  • identify important linguistic similarities and differences between English and the native language and use this knowledge in his or her own language learning
  • use various aids critically and independently
  • use basic terminology to describe grammar and text structure
  • describe and assess his/her own work in learning English


The aims of the training are to enable the apprentice to
  • master vocabulary that covers a range of topics
  • use basic grammatical and text structures of English orally and in writing
  • understand spoken and written texts on a variety of topics
  • express himself/herself in writing and orally with some precision, fluency and coherence
  • adapt his/her spoken and written English to the genre and situation
  • present and discuss current events and interdisciplinary topics
  • read and understand texts of different lengths and genres
  • select listening, speaking, reading and writing strategies adapted to the purpose and situation
  • write texts that narrate, describe, argue or give messages, with the appropriate basic structure and adequate paragraphing
  • use content from various sources independently and critically
  • demonstrate the ability to distinguish positively and negatively loaded expressions referring to individuals and groups
  • communicate via digital media
  • describe and interpret graphic representations of statistics and other data

Kultur, samfunn og litteratur

The aims of the training are to enable the apprentice to
  • discuss the way young people live, how they socialise, their views on life and values in Great Britain, the USA, other English-speaking countries and Norway
  • explain features of history and geography in Great Britain and the USA
  • describe the situation for some indigenous peoples in English-speaking countries
  • recognise some regional accents from English-speaking countries
  • read and discuss a representative selection of literary texts from the genres poetry, short stories, novels and drama from the English-speaking world
  • describe theme and composition in texts and visual expressions
  • prepare and discuss his/her own oral or written texts inspired by literature and art

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