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Aquaculture - curriculum for common programme subject in VG2 (AKV2-01)

Description of the programme subjects

Operation and production

The programme subject covers work processes and vocational practice related to the operation and maintenance of an aquaculture facility. It involves hygiene, health, environment and safety, equipment selection, economics and the farmed organisms’ optimal weight and welfare. The programme subject deals with the use of freshwater and seawater for growing fish, algae and animals in different stages of life, annual cycles and environments. It also deals with the quality assurance of work processes and products. Regulations and framework conditions that regulate the industry nationally and internationally are included in this programme subject.

Construction and technology

The programme subject covers the construction, mode of operation and operation of facilities, tools and equipment. This includes the use and maintenance of equipment, tools, means of access, and instruments related to work at a fish farm. It also deals with knowledge of materials and the security and maintenance of facilities. It involves the use of trucks, cranes and limited radiotelephony.

Aquaculture and the environment

The programme subject covers actual farmed species and the surrounding environment. It also involves the measurement and evaluation of chemical and physical environmental parameters, the fish’s health and practice hygiene work. Feed and feeding of farmed organisms and species-specific dietary requirements are central elements in the programme subject. It also deals with ecology and the mutual effect between the fish farming facility and the environment.

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