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Aquaculture - curriculum for common programme subject in VG2 (AKV2-01)

Construction and technology

Construction and technology

The aims of the training are to enable the apprentice to
  • describe the construction and function of facilities for egg, brood, table fish, algae and shellfish production
  • use the correct tools and equipment based on the situation, the equipment’s construction and mode of operation
  • clean, inspect and maintain a facility and equipment based on the materials’ properties and application
  • choose ropes and chains according to purpose and connect them together using appropriate methods
  • operate modern fish-farm boats in line with relevant regulations
  • use digital tools in production control, environmental monitoring and documentation
  • use a truck in accordance with relevant regulations
  • carry out stropping, hooking, rigging and signalling in accordance with relevant regulations with the use of a quayside crane or boat derrick
  • use modern radio communication equipment and follow emergency procedures

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