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Aquaculture - curriculum for common programme subject in VG2 (AKV2-01)

Aquaculture and the environment

Aquaculture and the environment

The aims of the training are to enable the apprentice to
  • plan, implement, document and evaluate optimal operations based on the biology of the farmed species
  • describe chemical and physical properties in water and elaborate on the most important environmental factors in the aquatic environment
  • carry out routine measurements of relevant environmental parameters and assess the results based on the species’ environmental requirements and tolerance limits
  • carry out work in line with relevant regulations for preventive health work, animal welfare and hygiene
  • identify environmental problems linked to aquaculture and discuss how they can be prevented locally and globally
  • propose damage limitation measures for an incident at a fish farm
  • recognise normal behaviour and appearance in fish farm organisms and elaborate on common diseases and parasites
  • handle and use chemicals correctly in accordance with information in an EHS data sheet
  • elaborate on breeding targets for actual fish-farm organisms
  • discuss how an aquaculture business can be run in co-existence with other commercial interests, preservation and leisure activities

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