Recognition of teacher qualifications - school and kindergarten

In order to obtain a permanent position as a teacher, you must be recognised as a qualified teacher.

Kindergarten teachers must be recognised as a head of kindergarten and an educational supervisor to obtain a permanent position in kindergarten. 

Information in Norwegian

Before you apply

  • Schools

    We recognise teachers who seek permanent positions in primary schools or lower and upper secondary schools.

    We also recognise Steiner Waldorf school teachers seeking employment in Norwegian schools.


    Kindergarten teachers seeking permanent work in a Norwegian kindergarten must obtain status as a head of kindergarten and educational supervisor. We do not give recognitions for the title "kindergarten teacher".

    Most kindergarten teachers hold responsibilities as a head of kindergarten or an educational supervisor, and must therefore obtain this status.

    We do not recognise
    • special education teachers without a regular teacher qualification
    • assistants (in kindergartens, schools and after-school programmes)
    • speech therapists
    • leisure educators
    • lecturers in higher education
    Norwegian qualification as a teacher or kindergarten teacher abroad

    We provide confirmations to teachers and kindergarten teachers educated in Norway seeking recognition in another country.

  • You must apply for recognition within your profession from abroad.

    You must be a teacher in order to be recognised as one. If you want to obtain recognition as head of kindergarten and educational supervisor, you must have qualified as a kindergarten teacher abroad.

    Are you qualified both as a teacher and as a kindergarten teacher?

    If so, you may apply for both recognitions. Please fill in both application forms. It is sufficient to send only one set of copies of your documentation.

  • In some cases you may work as a kindergarten teacher without recognition.

    This applies if

    • The kindergarten already has the required number of educational supervisors and your position comes in addition to these.


    • The kindergarten has received dispensation from the qualification requirement from the local authorities.

    Please contact your employer to find out if this applies to you, or if you must apply for recognition as head of kindergarten and educational supervisor.

  • If you have completed your teacher training in Norway, e.g. Practical Pedagogical Education (praktisk-pedagogisk utdanning), you do not need to obtain recognition from us.

    This applies even if your bachelor or master degree is from abroad. The Norwegian higher education institution assessed your foreign qualifications when you were accepted as a student.

    Teachers recognised by us have the necessary pedagogical competencies, and therefore do not need to take the PPU in Norway.

  • Norwegian Competence Centre for Foreign Education (NOKUT) recognises higher qualifications from abroad through their general recognition system. If your qualification is from a country outside the EU/EEA, you must send us a copy of your general recognition document when you apply to us.

    If your qualification is from an EU/EEA member country, you do not need to apply for general recognition.

    Even if you have obtained general recognition from NOKUT, you must still apply for recognition from the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training (Utdanningsdirektoratet) if you are seeking a permanent position either as a teacher or as a head of kindergarten or educational supervisor.

  • You should provide references for all relevant work experience. This may benefit the outcome of your application.

    When you apply for recognition as a head of kindergarten and educational supervisor, you must have at least one year of work experience from a Norwegian kindergarten either as an assistant or as a kindergarten teacher. This requirement does not apply if Norwegian, Sami, Swedish, Danish, Icelandic or Faroese is your first language.

  • NOKUT are establishing a national procedure for the recognition of foreign craft and journeyman's certificates.

    They anticipate that they will open for applications from a certain number of countries and professions in autumn. They will then gradually extend the procedure to other countries and professions.

How to apply

  • The application form is available electronically. Go to the application form.

    • Fill in the application form on your computer.
    • Print out the application form.
    • Sign the form.
    • Attach copies of all required documents.

    As you make your selections on the application form, it will show which documents you must attach to the form.

    Send the application and documents by post to:
    Postboks 9359 Grønland
    0135 Oslo 

  • You must send us copies of the following documents:

    • the identification page in your passport
    • diploma
    • transcript or exam review

    You must send us copies of the following documents if any of this applies to you:

    • General recognition from NOKUT if you obtained your qualification in a country outside the EU/EEA. Please enclose all pages of NOKUT's decision.
    • Marriage certificate or a certificate from the public registry if you have changed your name.
    • Diplomas and transcripts of any other qualifications on higher level
    • Work references proving your length of service in kindergartens or schools in Norway or abroad.
    • Authorised translation of any document issued in a language other than Norwegian, English, Danish or Swedish. You must submit copies in both the original language and in translation.

    Ordinary copies will suffice. We no longer require certified copies.


    Language requirement for teachers and head of kindergarten / educational supervisor in kindergarten

    You do not have to meet the Norwegian language requirement to be recognized as a teacher or head of kindergarten / educational supervisor in kindergarten in Norway. Your employer will consider your skills in Norwegian before you are employed.

    Language requirement for first language teachers

    You must meet the Norwegian language requirement to be recognized as a first language teacher in Norway. This requirement does not apply to you if you have a right to perform your profession under the «Professional Qualifications Act» (yrkeskvalifikasjonsloven).

    You may meet the Norwegian language proficiency in one of the following ways:

    • Norwegian (393 hours, third-year level) from Norwegian upper secondary school.
    • Level 3 on the Introductory Programme for Foreign Students at the Universities.
    • One-Year Programme in Norwegian Language and Civilization for Foreign Students.
    • Test of Norwegian – Advanced Level, written test, with a minimum score of 450 points or a pass grade after 2009.
    • Norwegian language test for immigrants by Kompetanse Norge (previously VOX), with the passing result of B2 on all four test parts.
    • Five years of relevant work experience in Norway may also meet our requirement for Norwegian language proficiency.
  • If your documents are not in Norwegian, English, Danish or Swedish, you must have them translated by an authorised translator. You may use authorised translators in other countries.

    Please send us copies of both the original document and of the authorised translation.

    List of authorised translators in Norway.

    There is no authorised translator in Norway in a specific language

    If there is no authorised translator in a given language, you may use a translator without authorisation.

What happens next?

  • Applications with all necessary documents attached are processed faster than applications where we must request further documentation.

    Once you have sent us the application we will go through your file and give you a response within one month.

    Our processing time is usually no longer than four months. However, as we currently receive many applications our processing times may be longer than usual. We apologise for the inconvenience.

  • You will receive our decision on your application by post. The decision is written in Norwegian only. It is approved electronically and therefore bears no signature. You will receive one of the following three decisions:


    You may seek permanent positions within your profession.


    You do not meet the requirements for recognition, but we will let you know what you should do in order to qualify.

    Compensation measures

    You hold a qualification from a country within the EU/EEA which does not fulfil our requirements, and you must therefore complete an aptitude test or a probation period in order to be recognised. You will receive information on how to proceed.

  • Salary and job title

    The employer will decide your salary and job title.

    Residence permit

    It is the responsibility of your employer to consider your residence permit. See for further information.

    Norwegian police certificate

    You must provide a Norwegian police certificate every time you take up employment in a Norwegian school or kindergarten.

  • If you believe that we have made a mistake in our decision, you may submit an appeal within three weeks. It is important that you explain what you believe is wrong. You may also support your appeal with further documentation. We will then reconsider your case.

    If we uphold our decision, we will send the appeal to the Ministry of Education for final consideration.

  • Please note that the English versions of the acts may not be up to date. The regulations are only available in Norwegian.

    The Public Administration Act regulates public administration and case handling in general.


    The directive regarding recognition of professional qualifications is available here.

    The directive is realised in Norwegian law by the "Professional Qualifications Act" (yrkeskvalifikasjonsloven LOV-2017-06-16-69) and regulations (forskrift om godkjenning av yrkeskvalifikasjoner FOR-2017-12-22-2384) which are only available in Norwegian.

    Other countries

    Recognition of teachers is regulated by the regulations (FOR 2006-06-23 nr 724) with amendments (FOR-2018-02-20-261) based on the Education Act (LOV-1998-07-17-61).

    Recognition of head of kindergarten and educational supervisor is regulated by the Kindergarten Act (LOV-2005-06-17-64) and the regulations of this (FOR 2008-09-12 nr 1071) with amendments (FOR-2018-02-08-178).

  • We process all cases in writing. We are able to answer questions by mail and telephone.

    Telephone: 23 30 12 00


    Postal address:
    Postboks 9359 Grønland
    0135 Oslo

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